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Riding Between the Worlds

Jan. 13th, 2011 11:05 am Been a while - hasn't it..

Yep - I've been away for a while. Mostly because I've been spending more time over on Facebook. Plus I've also had a breakneck work schedule at the retail shop. Plus I've been doing some traveling.

In October of 2010 I was finally able to go to Prescott, AZ and take Penelope Smith's Advanced 2 animal communication class (was AWESOME). After I got back, something rather interesting happened. I kept having this pain in my right leg. It was painful to sit, to stand and to walk. I tried being aggressive with my chiropractic treatments, and had massage treatments - all to no avail. My chiro suggested I get an MRI. I went to my general practitioner and she gave the referral. Got the MRI and it showed that my L5/S1 disc was bulged back and out. It was so big that my GP immediately referred me to a specialist. The specialist didn't think I was a candidate for surgery - so he wrote me a script for physical therapy. Went to physical therapy for roughly 5 weeks and I would go 2 times a week.

Through all of this, I was unable to work or do things. I couldn't work the retail job (was out for a month and a half), and I was on prescription strength anti-inflammatories + percocet.

I've started back with the retail job and we are gradually working me back up to a regular schedule. A few hours for a couple of days.

William has been enjoying a few months off. When I was well and hoping to ride before I left for AZ, he had an abscess that the farrier had cut out. When he was better and well enough to be ridden - my back decided to go downhill. So, I see him when I drop things off or hold him for the farrier. When the weather decides to clear up, I'll work on getting back into the saddle.

During my lay up, I made the promise to myself that I would honor myself and my body when something hurts and to be honest. You wind up getting a whole new outlook on things when you are rendered immobile.

Oh yeah - Happy New Year to everyone! To those in Australia - you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Smoke 'em if you got 'em.


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Oct. 6th, 2010 10:07 am Updatey

Hellooooo LJ family!

Here's the run down of what's going on in this neck of the woods, since its been a while.

Work: I've added another day to my work schedule at the retail store. I work Tuesday - Saturday putting in about 33 hours a week. Sometimes I like it and sometimes - I wish I was doing something else. I've been there for a year now, so we'll see how things go. I'm also thinking about maybe jumping ship and working for my vet as a receptionist (no idea if that would be any better).

My Pony & Pooch Business is still going. I have quite a few repeat clients and the new ones are trickling in. The goal (as always) is to ONLY do P&P and not have to work retail.

Horsey: William is good. I had my boss from my retail store come out and assess my saddle to make sure that it fits him well and I'm padding him appropriately. The good news is - I'm doing things right and it does. Yay. Lately, we've been treating an abscess that my farrier cut into. So we had to wait for the thing to drain and for Wills to feel better about walking on it. Everytime I look at him I stand in disbelief that he is actually mine. *squee*.

Miscellany: At the end of this month I will be going to AZ to learn at the feet of the master of Animal Communication. I will studying with Penelope Smith (one of the trailblazers/forerunners in the AC field. She also taught my teacher.) taking her "Interspecies Counseling Course". I've already started to stage my luggage and what I'll be bringing.

In other news, I've started some fitness training with a personal trainer who is a member of the Chamber of Commerce. He gives me a short workout routine that I can do at home, and a meal plan that I can follow that uses REAL FOOD. I've been with it for about three weeks now and I've lost 6 pounds already. The goal is to wear either a size 12 or 14, and to get to a goal weight of 175. Next year we are doing a family cruise (it will probably be the last one, since my father can't get around the way he used to) and I REALLY want to lose the weight and enjoy this cruise to the fullest.

That's about it for now. The dogs are good, hubby is good - things are good.

Smoke 'em if you got em!

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Jul. 16th, 2010 09:29 am Potpurri

This is more of a drive by post....

Overall, things are going well.

William has healed nicely from the gash in his right front foot, and the rub wounds have also healed from behind his head and one ear (he gets bitten by bugs close to his head, then I tried putting a fly band around his neck, behind the ears and it irritated him to no end. So he rubbed himself raw..).

In other news I got promoted to a supervisor position at the retail shop I work at.

Things are going well with my CPAP machine. It helps alot.

The dogs are doing well, and I'll be going to Prescott, AZ in October to take Penelope Smith's Advanced 2 Animal Communication class. I am super psyched about it. It's like I will be learning from Yoda (minus the swamp land. :-) ).

That's about it for now. I've been hanging around Facebook more often then not anymore..

So anyway....

Have a great one folks!


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Jun. 5th, 2010 11:04 am I will soon hate broccoli

So for the past few weeks I've been using "Diet To Go" (which is quite tasty b/c its real food). I have the 4 day, low carb plan with lunch and dinner. I'm doing this so that when I go work at my retail job, I can have something that is portion controlled and good for me instead of ordering Chinese food, going to Sheetz, or ordering a cheesesteak. I will say that my clothes are definitely fitting better since I've started. There is one thing though..

They will make me hate broccoli.

While the meals come with a protein and vegetable, the majority of the time they give me broccoli. I am quickly becoming sick and tired of broccoli.

We'll see how long it takes for me to turn my back on the green scrub brush...

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May. 24th, 2010 10:22 am The weekend

This past weekend we had my folks over. It was a short trip, staying from Saturday to Sunday, but it was a good one. They came to meet Joy (since they had only seen photos). Saturday night hubby and I made dinner, consisting of a spring salad with goat cheese, grape tomatoes, cucumber, and red bell pepper finished off with a balsamic vinaigrette. Then we had grilled chicken & vegetables. For dessert we macerated strawberries in a balsamic vinegar/sugar blend, topped a dessert cake cup with the strawberries and sugar free cool whip.

Dinner was a success. My mom kept saying how she was going to start doing what we did so she can start eating healthy. My father said to not tell him about changing diet - since she won't. Anyway....

The next day I cooked breakfast (mom is diabetic and needs to eat at certain times as well as take her insulin and pill). We had a reservation at the Restaurant at Patowmack Farm for brunch at 12:30. Now, we had gone to Patowmack Farm for our anniversary, where they did their small plate menu, so I thought they primarily did small plates. Not this time. These were regular sized dishes for appetizers, entree's and desserts. I felt stupid afterward, since we wound up ordering 5 different appetizers which we all shared (my brother joined us). We ultimately ordered one entree and one dessert for each of us. The food at Patowmack is phenomenal, not to mention all locally grown and organic.

After brunch, mom & dad needed to go home - so off they went. I think the visit was too short, but at least they were able to come out anyway.

The back handed comment of the weekend from my mom was this: "Boy, Hol - there are alot of things that you do well. Except for cleaning".

Le sigh.

In other news - William's wound is healing very nicely and faster since the bandage can come off and now nature can take it's course.

I also volunteered at the MD Faerie Festival, where I got to massage Sweetie the Unicorn.

Cheers my loves!

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May. 12th, 2010 08:15 pm But Ma - I don't wanna be on stall rest!!!!

I've been feeling under the weather lately (thanks hubby..appreciate it..really..), so yesterday I wasn't able to get out to change Wills' bandage etc. I texted my barn manager and asked if he could do it. He said he would. I didn't say anything about hand grazing him for 30 minutes.

Today I manage to go out, clean the wound (looking better), bandage it up and hand graze him (not in that order). I decided to hand graze him first. The plan was to be outside for roughly 30 minutes. That didn't quite happen, since it was hot and muggy and the gnats were being savage little bastards (even with the fly spray). I bring William in, cut the existing bandage off, and sponge the wound with betadine scrub. Then I decide I'll leave the area dry by giving him a nice brush down with a jelly-scrubber (he LOVES that, and quite possibly one of the most brilliant inventions for horses..ever.). The wound is dry, and I apply the goo/gauze and wrap with vetwrap.

Then I go to place him in his stall.

I take off his halter and as I go to close his stall door, he decides he hasn't had enough time outside. He slips through, trots down the aisleway, out of the barn, across to the empty pasture with lush grass. He is rather pleased with himself. I let him graze for a minute, then go to put his halter on. He turns around and trots to the opposite side of the small pasture. "I'm supposed to have more time outside and I want it!!!" I can hear him say. Ok Wills, you can have more time eating here.

Eventually, I walk up to him, place the lead rope around his neck and get the halter on. We do a grazing walk back to the barn and his stall.

I know he's going guano crazy being on stall rest, but I think I'll leave him in for another two days. Then I'll still bandage his foot, place a bell boot on, and let him have his turn out. I'll still keep him bandaged until the wound isn't so raw - then we'll see about leaving the bandage off. I may even decide to put some "Wonder Dust" on it (it's a powder that is good for open wounds, and helps to keep them protected.).

Smoke em if you got em!

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May. 9th, 2010 12:47 pm Oh here we go again.....

William decided to slice his foot once again. He most likely managed to kick himself while he was getting up from a nap. So, no stitches - 5 days of stall rest, daily bandage change, 30 minutes of hand grazing and a regiment of anti-biotics and pain relievers (SMZ's and Banamine for those who want to know).

And now for the photoCollapse )

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May. 7th, 2010 09:54 am Knick knacks....

Last night hubby and I celebrated 15 years together. We went to dinner at The Restaurant at Patowmack Farm in Lovettsville, VA. It was the most incredible dining experience ever. The meals were done in small-plate style. All of the food is locally grown, and truly organic (there are no chemicals, hormones or anything else that shouldn't be there in the food). The food not only fed our bodies, but it truly fed our spirits. I can tell you that I was flying by the end of the night. Oh yes - we'll be going back for brunches. :-)

In other news, I got to spend some quality time with William yesterday and Wednesday. On Wednesday I gave him a bath and hand walked him a little (just b/c I wanted to). Yesterday he got a good sheath cleaning (the poor horse needed it), and I actually managed to hop on to try a pair of Sprenger Bow Balance stirrups. For those of you that don't know, the bow balance or "S jointed" stirrup flexes to take pressure off of the rider's knee. I suppose I would have had a better time of it if I hadn't chosen to shorten my stirrup leathers (with one side being shorter then the other). The shorter side left my ankle feeling hyper-flexed, while the other side felt "normal". I'll have to ride some more to see how I truly feel about them.

We did some warming up in the arena, then went for a stroll around the property (also known as a "hack"). The only time Wills got "looky" was when we passed the barn manager's house and his younger son was outside making some noise. So Wills stopped, perked up his head, and looked at the kid to see what he was up to. Then we walked on. So it was a nice day.

On the CPAP front, I got a smaller mask which is much better suited to my face. I'm able to be more active and do things earlier then I normally would since I've started using it. Wow.

That's about it for now. Have a great one my loves!

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Apr. 22nd, 2010 11:51 am My opinions on Mecha Barbara Striesand and the new Doctor

I thought y'all might enjoy a post that didn't talk about the sleep-pap machine for once. :-)

Last night I watched part two of South Park's 200th episode, where the celebrities are suing the town again. The one thing that I really loved and wished they would have shown more of - was the Mecha Barbara Streisand. The animation on it was GORGEOUS! It was where as I watched it I said to myself "Wow", they did a really good job with that!" Granted, this is in comparison to when they created her before and didn't have the machines that they do now for their animation. Bravo guys - it was cool. The episode was classic South Park irreverence. :-)

I'm also finally able to watch the new Dr. Who series. I think Matt Smith will do well. He has that boyish innocence that Peter Davidson had, the intensity of David Tennant, and I would even dare to say the subtlety of Chris Eggleston.

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Apr. 21st, 2010 09:13 pm Happy mask games and other things..

So far things have been going well with the Sleep-Pap machine (yes, that's what I refer to it as). The interesting thing is this - I also got a contour pillow, and now the dynamic of the mask has changed a little. When I try to adjust the mask without a mirror, and without detaching it from the tube - the rubber cover gets crinkly and air escapes. So, I need to put the mask on in front of the mirror to make sure the thing is on straight and up high enough.

In the week that I've had it - I have noticed a difference. I am more alert, I feel mentally sharp, and I am staying up in the morning and getting things done at 8AM (I normally don't hit my stride or get moving until 9:30-10:00). I'm getting back to walking the dogs more frequently, and I'm decluttering more often. The morning barn visits will be coming soon.

Hubby has commented that I sound like a quiet Darth Vader in the rain. The machine is rather quiet and unobtrusive.

In other news, business is picking up. Yay.

Have fun folks!

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